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The Sins of Father Joe

Joe Cobb grew up in Boston's North End. After graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in criminal justice, Joe joined the Cambridge Police Department and was known among the criminal element as the cop without mercy because of his strict interpretation of the law.

After a few years of arresting bad guys, mostly young, he quit and told his chief he wasn't good as a cop because too many of the offenders he arrested returned to crime. Joe decided to become a priest in hopes of getting to the offenders before they turned to crime.

After ordination, Joe enlisted in the US Army, became a chaplain, and was sent to war in Afghanistan, where his life was blown apart.

Joe's medical discharge said he was suffering from PTSD, but his problems were bigger than traumatic stress. Father Joe returned from war with the conviction that he had been chosen by God to correct wrong wherever he found it.

Father Joe took his mission seriously and quickly discovered that the parish he was assigned to in Dorchester sat in the middle of a poor neighborhood that was under attack by two competing gangs that were slowly killing the kids with cheap, dirty drugs.

Father Joe declared war, and the battles began.

--Walter Beevers

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