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The Rolex Bandits

This urban tale is full of excitement. D. Rayland has done it big with his first novel. It is full of sex, money, and murder. It introduces you to a go-getter, a man by the name of Silk. He grew up in the streets of Miami, but not the South Beach area. This book takes you to the other side of the bridge, in a notorious neighborhood called Overtown. Being that Silk was a felon, he had issues with finding and keeping a job. Tiff and Kee-Kee took good care of him, but he wanted his own. His singing got him a big buzz in the streets. Silk had a homeboy named Freddy, who was down for whatever. Freddy was a young father of a little girl and was also going through it. Being that he was also a felon, things were rough for him as well. He went back to the streets. There was only one man Freddy could trust, and that was Silk. Silk was known in the hood for his driving skills. They both had a way with the ladies, and for some reason, women would do anything for the two, even commit murder.

--Deltron Ryland

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