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The Rise of a Street General: An Autobiography

The Rise f Street General provides a unique and fascinating look into a gang members journey ise to the top. Starting with his initiation into the gang in 1975 his story chronicles his wars with rival gangs and his years spent in the LA ounty ail. look into the organized Crip movement within the California prison system during the 1980s. itnesses the rise and fall of two Crip superpower organizations that dominated the system for a short period.The Rise f Street General brings you to the presentday state of affairs within the Black/African gang culture he effects of gangpsychosis and self-imposed cretinism. It separates myths from reality acts from propaganda and dispels misconception and stigmas. For the first time ever, heres a book written by a gang member from a military and political perspective. book also provides a psychological look into a gang members thought process as he pursues his gang career and his exit strategy from the gang s well as his concept for peace and reducing gang violence.This is an extraordinary and remarkable book. No other gang member this far has written a book so vividly, insightful and informative ure to leave a lasting impression on its readers. This book is destined to a classic. The Rise f Street General is a mustread book.

--Michael "Turtoe" Stewart

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