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The Revenge and Madness of Maggie

Childhood friends Paige Emerson and Blake Allan return to their small mountain valley hometown of Cassiel, Nevada after their families tragically and suddenly pass away. Upon arrival, Paige immediately realizes something is lurking in her late father's home that shouldn't be there and with the help of Blake, sets out to discover what it is and how it got there.

Gage Winkman, Paige's high school sweetheart, Blake's closest friend, and one of two police officer's in town, has been looking after their parent's properties and noticed some odd occurrences since their demise. Gage was looking forward to his childhood pals returning not just because of his hopes to rekindle a romance with Paige but to find out what could be behind the strange happenings.

Misty and Galen Lett, together with Celeste Rain, run Mystery, a curiosity shop in Cassiel; if you believed the rumors the women are witches. Good witches, but still witches. Since the unexpected deaths of Paige and Blake's families, they had been receiving not so subtle signs their assistance would be needed once Paige returned to town.

What is in the house? How did it get there? And will Paige survive the Revenge and Madness of Maggie?

--Debra Kay

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