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The Revelation: 30 Rules to Effectiveness

There are hundreds of business books on the market on how to land a job or how to be an effective employee. However, these books tend to be very lengthy, full of outdated practices, and not very practical. This book is a concise and practical guide for job seekers and/or employed professionals to ensure your efforts are effective during interviews, negotiations, and on the job.

The purpose of The Revelation: 30 Rules of Effectiveness is to introduce readers to tried and proven methods that lead to job offers, favorable negotiations, and job security. The book is written in a jargon-free, direct style that will draw readers in and hold their interest. Several templates are also provided in the appendix section of the book. Upon reading this book, readers will possess the tools necessary to enhance their professional value proposition and elevate their effectiveness as job seekers and/or employed professionals.

--Kris M. Drake, FACHE

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