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The Return of Jennifer Hopper: Covers Don't Always Tell the Truth

Dan McClain doesn't train female fighters. It's just a personal rule with him. Rules are made to be broken, so they say. The young female fighter he had once rejected has returned. She was advised that although she had good natural ability, she should seek a sports career in golf or tennis. But youth is wasted on the young. Marylou and Dan have agreed to train her for this one fight as a favor for their good friend Paul DeLuca, who had acquired her contract, not knowing of a signed commitment. The opponent has earned the nickname the Beast, and she wholly lives up to it. To the difficulty that comes with any training relationship, Dan and Marylou now have the added responsibility to protect not only their fighter in the ring but also her and her sparring partners from outside threats.County Detective Jimmy Civetic has alerted them that US marshals are tracking an elusive serial rapist and killer who is heading to this area. Fighters in training usually do their roadwork in the early morning hours or late at night when the air seems to be fresher."Keep them together. Don't let them stray," is Civetic's advice. However, the young girls are not the only attractive female prey. There are eyes on Marylou. She and Dan as a team have been up against many adversaries but none have been a threat like this. There is always the danger in the ring. As always, the demon you know is better than the one you don't.

--Ernest Keegan

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