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The Porch Down Home

The Porch Down Home is a true-to-life story about the joys of growing up with loving grandparents and the pains of growing up in the small community of IXL, Oklahoma, in the heart of Okfuskee County.

After the tragic accidental death of their parents, sisters Avie and Cassie had to go live with their grandparents, whom they referred to as Bigdaddy and Bigmomma. This transition would have been a dramatic change for the girls except Bigdaddy and Bigmomma provided them with all the attention, discipline, and support they needed to adjust and feel loved.

Everyone got along well until Avie failed to come up with an idea for her science project. In her anxiety to maintain her good grades, she used an herb for the project that grew in abundance on the property that Bigdaddy would not let anyone disturb. The story has an unexpected twist that takes Bigdaddy and Bigmomma's small-town, comfortable living to a whole different level and causes Avie to anguish over her decision to use the herb for her science project without getting the approval from her grandparents. The ultimate consequences of her decisions had the explosive potential to tear the family apart.

Will Bigdaddy ever trust Avie again? Can the family come together and get past this crisis? You'll have to read the book to find out.

--Deborah Ronna Baker

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