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The Origin of Sin: Sin's effect on humanity

Many people blame God for sin because they believe that he created sin. Others do not believe in God or that God do not exists because of all the bad things that go on in the world. They say if God exists then why does he let or allow these things to happen in the world. As you read The Origin of Sin - Sin's Effect on Humanity, you will learn that God did not create sin, and you will learn also how sin came about. I decided to write The Origin of Sin - Sin's Effect on Humanity to shed some light on the truth about how sin got started or came to be. It is important to know how sin came to be and where sin came from so you can lay the blame where it belongs and not on God. After talking to many people and sharing my knowledge on sin, alone with some scriptures to reference what I am saying about how sin got started, I decided to write this book, The Origin of Sin - Sin's Effect on Humanity. Because there are so many people who don't know the truth about the origin of sin, and many more blaming God for sin being in the world, I became motivated and inspirited to write this book and share my own understanding and knowledge of sin from the Word of God.

--Cheyenne Thomas

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