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The Monster in the Shadows: Part Two The Always You Series

Blake has begun his professional football career, while his beautiful fiancée, Alexis, is blissfully planning their wedding day. Henry is finally locked away from them forever. They couldn't be happier. They think they are on the road to starting their new lives together when out of nowhere, they are given the worst news that they could have possibly imagined: Henry has escaped from prison after completely losing touch with reality. The only thing on Henry's mind is getting to Alexis and Blake. He will stop at nothing to get to them, even if it means taking any life that stands in his way. Will Blake and Alexis live in fear while they know the monster is coming for them?

Blake knows Henry is relentless and that he will never stop, but neither will Blake when it comes to protecting Alexis. It will be the ultimate fight of their lives, a true battle between good versus evil. Who will prevail?

--Rebecca Franco

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