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The Missing Child

Jake Reynard has been sought out, and hired by Charles Alexander, Wall street billionaire to find his lost daughter Julia, who has been missing for the last six months.

On a visit to see an old friend in Burlington Vermont, Julia disappears during a morning run along the peaceful shores of Lake Champlain. The police and FBI have reached a dead end when Charles Alexander calls on Jake to find his daughter.

Few people know that Jake and Julia knew each other from a prior time when Jake was a cop with the N.Y.P.D…

Jake vows to her father; he will find her no matter where his travels may take him. What follows is the story of a group of former Marines gathering together to assist Jake, one of their own in his quest to find this Missing Child.

Jake travels great distances on a small clue the other agencies missed in their original investigation.

What follows is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat with a conclusion that gives hope to us all. This story contains in sites into one of our greatest criminal enterprises. Human Trafficking and the destruction it has on millions of families throughout the world.

--Bruce R Guerin

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