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The Mineral Diet

Your body has the ability to heal. This book focuses on the internal environment of the body for an individual to be healthy. Humanity is plagued by many health challenges, from headaches to cancer, from colitis to seizures, and from viruses to asthma. It simply does not have to be this way. Within this book, you will find that the focus of the mineral diet is on the condition of the body to eliminate the symptoms. The focus is not on the symptoms of the condition of the body. When the condition of the body is evaluated, this leads to symptom eradication, and not just symptom reduction. The focus is on causal factors of certain health challenges. Yes, it is true that you can live your life without health challenges. It is possible, and it is achievable. I hope you find a calm sense of security within this book and find that it is very easy to be healthy.

--Pierce Waychoff, D.C.

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