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The Midnight Creeps

Inside this book are written weird tales of the macabre and supernatural, and if you dare to read them, they just might take you to a place you wish not to go. You might find yourself in the mystical land of the Killerpillar. You might suffer the venomous sting of the gruesome Homunculus. You might find yourself shivering in an ancient chair you wish you had never sat down in, for you will find no comfort in those cushions, only the dreadful clutches of doom and a slithering through your soul slowly dragging you to madness. Ever wake up in a strange graveyard? Ever find some curious object and bring it home only to curse the day you found it? Well, the choice is yours. Take it home and read it if you dare, but don’t claim you haven’t been warned, for madness lurks in deep, dark holes, and evil lives where no man should go. The sliver moon peeks from behind drifting gray clouds, and you swear you saw a set of shining bright eyes watching you from the bushes. But never forget, it doesn’t have to be the witching hour or even dark for the creeps to do what they goddamned do.

--Jeff Medeiros

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