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The Long Road to Freedom Book II: The Conclusion

It was a new era. Two nations had become at odds with each other, the North and the South, which erupted into an all-out war called the Civil War. It had gotten so bad they started enlisting the help of Negroes. Many went on the promise if they survived, they would automatically receive their freedom when, in actuality, they were already free, but the White man used this tactic of manipulation to his advantage, knowing many of them were still uneducated and without knowledge or understanding. Bobby Gene, Mr. Pittman, and some of the other young men of age joined in the battle, leaving their loved ones vulnerable to only God knew what. Countless lives were lost, including a few who accompanied Bobby Gene.Times were hard for everyone even though the Watsons were living comfortable lives, with the expansion of family. Bobby Gene felt they could do much better since his attorney's practice wasn't doing as well as he expected, so he and some of the other men decided to take a job working for the railroad, helping to lay tracks to later be used by a train. None of them felt comfortable with leaving their loved ones vulnerable once again since rumors were circulating concerning raids that finally reached the Watson's Plantation as to which they survived.Gabriel and Matthew Junior literally had a duel. Vengeance was carried out against the Watson's Plantation by the Callahan brothers and henchmen. Anna Belle's mother is dead, and she is reacquainted with someone of her past, along with a lifelong secret she had been keeping for years. Finally, there was a showdown between a group of White men who had formed a correlation, calling themselves the Klu Klux Klan and invading the Watson's Plantation.Who shall be the victors?

--Carolyn Napier Harris

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