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As a young man, Tony has it all including supportive, loving parents and siblings. He was one of the most popular young men in high school and definitely part of the "in crowd." Schoolwork always comes easy enough for him to get passing grades without trying very hard.The fact that Tony likes to live dangerously "on the edge" and is a very mischievous teenager seems to make him all the more appealing to others, especially all the girls.He is passionate about body fitness and it shows in his physique. Tony is also one of the most charming, handsome and well-mannered teenagers you could ever meet. And, he knows exactly how to use these qualities to his advantage.As the middle child, Tony is best friend to his brother who is exactly two years older and a great admirer and protector of his beautiful sister who is three years younger.Unlike Tony, his brother Tyke is an exceptional student who has to work hard to earn his good grades. But, that doesn't stop Tony from convincing Tyke to get into mischief with him from time to time. In fact, as Tyke watches the teenager that Tony becomes, Tyke feels compelled to spend more time with his younger brother to ensure his well-being.In spite of Tyke's efforts, however, he is not able to protect his brother from a near-fatal accident.It is at this point that Tony's life takes a downward spiral. This story is really about the struggles and challenges that Tony has to endure after this life-changing event and the subsequent experiences that are a result of the earlier accident.Learn more about the real life accident on which this story is based… YouTube "Rescue911-car vs school bus."

--Leon Mason

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