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The Letterman: Tommy Stevens' Memoir

The mid-1900s are nearly three quarters of a century in the past. What was life like in that period for two boys growing into young adults? What were their goals? What motivated them? The Letterman is a memoir of Tommy Stevens as he lives through this fast fading period in United States history. Although the book falls within the genre of fiction, Stevens's memoir is 90 percent or more factual. Only the names of characters and places appearing in the narrative have been changed.The story focuses on Tommy's experiences and dreams growing up as a child during World War II, and it delves into his motivation to become a high school football player and earn a varsity letter. Just as Tommy realizes his goal, tragedy strikes.To learn more about Stevens's hopes and dreams, tragedy and sadness, open the cover of The Letterman and start reading.

--Jim Nicholson and Jack Blendinger

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