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The Left Handed Shot

The Left-Handed Shot is a read that will have you captivated with the Wild West and how women were truly treated. This is the sequel to A Love That Traveled but Never Died and will become a series of many Westerns that follow an attention-grabbing story line. This is a story that will have you fascinated upon belief that a woman in the Wild West could go through tribulations of undoubtedly hard times.

Cali finds herself in a predicament when she's being without rights and of half race makes for a journey worth reading through every turn of the page. What Cali the barfly had to go through to keep her dignity on a nightly basis was what made her a strong woman, but most importantly the predicament she gets herself into. Romance comes to Cali, but having men dote over her on a nightly basis makes it hard for her to take any man seriously. The only way out of her dilemma may be to let a man with prestige and wealth take her away from the brothel life of the great Wild West.

--Caleen Radabah

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