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The Lantren

Two brothers of Native American descent, researching their mysterious roots turn into a treasure hunt. Starting with an old family register of past names and dates, then a letter and a gold coin from a great-grandfather that's been on the floor of the Atlantic in a strongbox on the Titanic for nearly a century.With their grandfather and father, the foursome uncovers a device that was buried a few centuries ago by an ancestor in a water well. It changes the world forever. With unlimited wealth, they take on the United States government for a new unregulated life on the twins' terms. Circumstances lead them back to the well for a second treasure buried deep in piper hill.So...journey with the twins and their family across the universe and back again, fighting an unbelievable foe and his army of eight thousand sons who want to use the twins' resources for evil and enslave mankind and rule everywhere.Let the Lantren light your way!

--Dennis Mason

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