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The Kitten in the Manger

This is a heartwarming story that is based on the true rescue of a little homeless kitten by a very kind policeman during the Christmas season.There is a beautiful nativity scene displayed outside a big greenhouse. A large bright star shines down on the manger where the baby Jesus is lying.The little homeless kitten feels the warmth from the star and climbs up into the manger and curls up beside baby Jesus and goes to sleep.The kitten likes sleeping in the manger under the warm light of the star!A kind policeman, while making his nightly rounds, sees the little kitten. When he learns that the kitten is homeless, he wonders what will happen to it after Christmas. He knows that the nativity display will no longer be there. Where will the little kitten go, and what will happen to her?Policeman John has the answers!

--Roberta F. McLin Wilson

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