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The Improbabilities of Probabilities: A Guidebook to the Universe: Haystacks in Wheat Fields

The Improbabilities of Probabilities: A Guidebook to the Universe is a handbook of instructions to complete self-created reality.

Hidden from publication for twenty years, SETH, the teacher of Jane Roberts, gives forty-three channeled sessions. Readers of Cayce, Roberts, and Rhine will find this book a New Age resource, a must read for any philosophical or religious student.

Jane Roberts' readers can compare as SETH offers solutions to past selves in creating new selves in the present and expand into the future. SETH adds concepts of the BIOSTAT and loving concern. Edgar Cayce's readers will understand how SETH makes healing a spiritual rather than just physical endeavor. J. B. Rhine readers will find energy influx a method and dream role-playing as a predictors of possible futures.

SETH expresses that our part in the universe is within the concept of ALL THAT IS and loving concern. Freeing ourselves from religious dogma, scientific nihilism, and whimsical fate using the methods found in Yoga and Kundalini to find our spiritual selves and unique spiritual name to create reality. CREATE, CREATE, AND CREATE!

--Gary Laird

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