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The Huntress

At thirteen, Kamryn was yanked from her normal life into the world of vampire hunting. As the last living descendant of the Van Helsing bloodline, Kamryn was taught that the only good vampire was a dead vampire. For years, Kamryn dutifully killed any vampire that crossed her path until she met Alex.

Alex was the most powerful vampire that Kamryn had ever encountered. Three years ago, he approached Kamryn and offered his assistance in hunting those vampires that indiscriminately killed humans and teaching her about vampires. The alliance did not last as their true nature pushed them apart.

Now a new evil threatens both hunters and vampires, forcing Kamryn to seek Alex's help. In order to protect her and destroy their enemies, Alex must bring Kamryn into his world of vampires. There, Alex shows Kamryn that not all vampires are as soulless or as predatory as she was taught.

--Amy Bean

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