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The Historian

If you are looking for mystery, secrets, different species never heard of before, and new worlds; great friendships, bad relationships, dishonor versus honor, romance with a twist, and battles with prejudgments; species against species, the violent added with some dark science; insane ideas that somehow work out where survival is sometimes not enough, then this book is for you. It has warriors, natives, and other species. Get inspired. Species you can relate to. I must warn you, some of these stories are very realistic. It may somehow remind you of the way you will do things. Other species may remind you of a friend. Fall in love with the characters as you follow their lives. I hope you get lost in the pages. If you are looking for depth and finding strength within oneself, then this book is perfect for you. This is a series. I cannot write all that happens in one book.

--Shannon Burns

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