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The Happily Ever After

Nothing is what it seems when Princess Butterfly is rescued from her prison, where she had been kept in isolation for seven long years. She thought her suffering would be over when she was set free. She thought her rescuer, the charming and handsome Prince Valiant, would be honorable and wouldn't have kept any secrets from her.

But as she travels to Decadiance to marry him, Butterfly discovers he did keep one secret from her, along with a seething indifference and a loathsome pride. But he had slain a savage dragon to liberate her, his betrothed and war between their kingdoms could not be risked by breaking their alliance. Things are made more complicated when a mysterious swordsman joins them on their travels, carrying a rare and dangerous blade. And then a dragon attacks long after they thought the beast was dead. And then another attacks. And another. And they quickly realize they must get to the bottom of this curse or die trying.

--Kristine Leahy

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