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The Girl Chaser

Jeffrey Sean Angel has fled to the backwoods of Upstate New York from Northern Ireland in search of personal autonomy and freedom from religion. He moves to a remote neighborhood consisting of Jan Bratt, a wise and godly old man; Larry, a teenage boy driven by romantic fantasies but coming to embrace the responsibilities of a man; Chad Hoover, a gangsta rapper wannabe with an extreme entitlement mentality; and a handful of others. It isn't long before Jeffrey turns into a full-time sex addict.

But his loving family shows no intention of giving up on Jeffrey, especially his younger sister Emily, who was the first in their family to receive Jesus Christ as her savior and Lord. Knowing full well the destructive path Jeffrey is on, Emily urges her dad to relentlessly pray for deliverance for her brother. Will the Lord act on their prayers and save Jeffrey before it's too late?

--Nitya Pillai

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