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The Ghost of O'Reillys' Mansion

Calie had spent every summer since she was eleven with her Aunt Julie at her mansion in Maine. She had fallen in love with it from the first sight. It was said to be haunted, and she recalled many weird and unusual happenings that left her in suspense during those visits. Yet she attributed it to all the tales and scenarios her aunt had told and adamantly insisted a ghost shared the mansion.Calie was skeptical but never ruled it out because she had always been intrigued by the unknown and especially the spiritual life after death. Her aunt had become obsessed with the mysterious secrets that surrounded the strange death of Manson and Francine O'Reilly and later their son, Jacob. The writer's instinct in her was awakened. There was a story there that needed to be told, and she was convinced many secrets to be unraveled.She had convinced Calie to give up her reporter's job at the New-York Tribune and come and coauthor a book about the O'Reillys. Her aunt had always told her she was meant to be an author. "It is your forte, my dear, don't waste it." Being a renowned author in her own right, in addition to owning her own publishing company, she had helped launch Calie's career.Calie was saddened by her aunt's sudden death and was summoned by her lawyer to come and handle Aunt Julie's affairs. Little did she know how drastically her life was about to change.

--Gail Poole

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