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The Funny and Wild Adventures of Mr. Stubstitute the Substitute

Do you like to laugh? This book is for you! In a desperate need of work to feed his family, Jonny C. Stubstitute became a sub in the local school district. No one could imagine the crazy and hilarious experiences that would follow. Alarms go off, a school is broken into, teachers scream, a drug test is mixed up, a food fight breaks out, a wacky scientist shows up with an unbelievable offer, and much more.

Mr. Stubstitute is simply audacious and one of a kind. No one causes havoc and makes principals angry like he does!

One year during Christmas vacation, Mr. Stub finds himself trapped in a restroom at the Mid-High. A frantic search ensues. Will he be found in time? You don't want to miss the ending!

--Danny Washington

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