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The Fallen Angel Man

People are suffering here in America and abroad. Global warming, mass conflicts, increased domestic and foreign murders, governmental corruptions, starving nations, global wars coupled with global warming, the consciousness of the men attempting to turn into women, and the consciousness of the woman falling from her place to be as a man, all of these are threats against our survival of tomorrow. Wars are now fought with computerized drones overseas. Drugs, gangs, killings, police shooting coupled with political protection are ravishing the land of equal rights under the symbol of the eagle. These are biblical signs of the realities of the problems and conditions that should tell us all something is very wrong. The major questions are, can the human race avoid self-destruction? And if so, does our salvation rest in relying on a higher power to insure future generations have a world that's worth living in under the laws of man? For too long we the human family have collectively functioned like lost children, but, some as prodigal sons, even as fallen angels. However, our earthly existence isn't random coincidences, for it is not, all of these conditions of the man that's upon this earth are a one chance to learn and understand what it is to live in equality under the original orders and commandments of God the creator and those of Jesus Christ the savior of all men.Personally, I believe that God is humanity's best hope for survival. The book's title The Fallen Angel Man – Egairram, Not Marriage, essentially refers to mankind's disconnect from his creator. Within its pages you see vivid examples of, among other things, our moral decadences, and I'd dare say that only a willingly blind person would fail to see the consequences all around us from a severed spiritual bond. So whether you believe in divine solutions, or you prefer a more "common sense" approach to fixing society's problems in playing eternal death roulette, feel free to criticize these books. Even disagree with some of the subject material as presented. These books explain the fallen consciousness of the man and that of those of the billions of rebellious and fallen angels that turned against the perfect laws and orders of God. But, don't be surprised to find the pages inside stroking your curiosity to read on into these six volumes.A.M. Brown II

--Augustus M Brown II

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