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The Diaries of Matthew

This book is mostly about Matthew and what it meant to him to get to walk with the Lord of all. This book is not about the four gospels, which were written fifty years after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is a daily accounting from a confused man. One of the twelve had to have written a diary. I believe it was Matthew. He had to be the one who was hated by the public: no one likes a tax collector. I believe that Matthew is the one who wrote the diary. He would have been the keeper of the writings. The book is Matthew's take on the new life that the son of God has brought to earth. He saw things that no one had ever seen. Matthew witnessed Jesus reconstruct a man's bones to let him walk. It is my fondest hope that every reader comes out a changed person, the same as Matthew. The book is about the change Matthew underwent by following the son of God in this earthly realm. One thing is for sure: Matthew could never go back to collect taxes for the Romans again. The book s mostly about Matthews take on the man called Jesus. Matthew gained a warm heart and a sound mind due to realizing the scope of God's love that flows from him.This book is a work of fiction…or is it?

--Bruce Calandro

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