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The Devil in the Cave

When a World War II veteran, Archibald Arthur, a United States serviceman, retired from active military duty in November 1943 after a grueling experience fighting the Japanese in the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska, he must battle to rebuild his civilian life and emerge from the ashes. The post-traumatic stress disorder was intense, but finding a job at the Anchorage Hotel in downtown Alaska provided a safe haven for him to revitalize and start over. But when he met a vacationing young lady from Zagreb, Croatia, at the hotel, his world was turned upside down after a beautiful picnic with her in the foot of the Alaskan Mountains.The devil that must have killed her in the woods was too powerful, but he must face him to avenge her demise and, in the process, discovered it was far more complicated than he had previously imagined. It took years of living in the mountain foot, surviving bitter winters, and learning for him to discover that the battle that he must fight was not only carnal but spiritual as well. Deep inside the cave with his loyal dog, Gossiper, they came face-to-face with the devil, and that marked a new beginning for them both.

--Dennis Obong Awoii

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