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The Cult of Antinous

In a revelation of the gay world of ancient Rome, a collision course is set with the present-day gay culture. A new historical tale of how the past impacts the present in the Italian town of Tivoli outside of Rome begins. It brings together all the elements of suspense and history once more.At the end of the first century, the Roman emperor Hadrian sailed down the Nile river with his retinue on the royal barge, including his male paramour, Antinous. But tragedy befell the young man who fell into the Nile and drowned.Over the centuries, many historians have postulated as to the cause of Antinous's death. But no theories were proven and the mystery has remained...a mystery. Until now.Our two protagonists from the previous story about Julia Felix, Bella, and Tony, journey to the Villa Adriana in Tivoli outside of Rome to assist in a search for a missing American professor at the villa. Soon, they begin to uncover a secret cult that has existed over nineteen centuries as well as something otherworldly that poses a threat to their safety.

--Michael D. Thompson

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