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The Blanket

This is a tale of a three-hundred-year-old blanket made in the mid-1700s in Sweden and follows its travels and adventures to England and then to the New World. It was with the Sons of Liberty when "the shot heard around the world" was fired. It was in the evacuation of Charleston in 1863 and trekked to Ohio afterward. It then traveled west to Arizona and was with those who settled in the state, from Tombstone to Tucson and then to Prescott and Glendale, near Phoenix. It was with Teddy's Rough Riders at San Juan in Cuba. Pieces of it found their way to WWII and Vietnam. "The story is told from journals and news accounts that were saved by the many owners as it was handed down from family member to family member. It is a fun read and interesting slice of American history, which you may not have studied in the public-school system."By Stan Williams 2020

--Stan Williams

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