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The Before Person

We don't love our children--we fall in love with them. I never realized that having a child was so fulfilling.Our son was a blast, an avid reader and played soccer, baseball, and ice hockey. He was named the best all-around child in the fifth grade (academically, athletic, and citizenship). His father and I cried while watching him received the trophy.So by reading my story, you will learn about mental illness and how our love never wavered. He was the best thing that ever happened to us. Perhaps my story can help you.I had one son, who was the joy of my life. He passed away in 2006, and this book is dedicated to him.Did you ever want to know about mental illness up close? This book will shock and surprise you with the ins and outs of a private world I had to enter.My son was diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression. We tried like hell to get him proper care and treatment but to no avail. Although some parts are more difficult to read than others, I hope you enjoy my book. And maybe this book will help you or someone you know has a similar situation.

--Diane Parks

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