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The Avis Family

This book is about a miss guided young man looking for love in all the wrong places.

It opens with his inappropriate behavior with family members to close for comfort. At the beginning of chapter 1 , his cat and mouse pursuit catches the pray intended. However, once confronted with the results, his bitter sobbing is proof, he wants nothing to do with it.

By chapter 2, he is still turning his head to things he need to do, in order to make his marriage work. For example, like listening to his wife, and caring how he resolve family matters. In addition, his lack of respect for others opinions and his distorted views of rules, did not make it any better. Therefore, his pride plunges him deeper and deeper into denial of a problem even existing

At the beginning of chapter 3, The Avis family is faced with the problem of overcrowding. Moreover, his wife tried to voice her opium, but he turned his head to the truth. Therefore, leaving them with the present problem, while being subject to his unrealistic answer.

Later in the chapter, his distorted views of rules surface, and his evil enforcement of them was his proof that they worked. Unfortunately, Daddy Jim’s pride, would not let him admit to needing any help or guidance, as evil lurked about in all his twisted enforcements. Near the end, his family children’s patience, grew thinner and thinner as he forced their hand of decision makings into a desperate act of relief.

--Lady Wonder

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