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The Apartment on Midwest Boulevard

The great experiment of the worldwide web of the internet has connected the world globally and recreated the world into a global village. The outcome of this experiment remains a mystery.A civilized and progressive society succeeds when it remains private. A savage and regressive society succeeds when it remains public and is governed by the laws of the tribe. Will artificial intelligence one day do all our thinking for us?The invention of the television was the world's first addiction to screens. And like the internet, is now open twenty-four, seven, every day of the year. Both inventions are used by societies in homes and businesses for entertainment, communication, information, and shopping. Now we live in the modern world of the digital age of handheld mobile devices of screens that are also open twenty-four, seven, every day of the year. We can now access entertainment, communication, information, and shopping while moving around in public places and riding metro buses and subways.The availability of screens has moved the global village to a more socially isolated global village rather than a more connected global village. Face to face conversations are becoming rarer simply because it is easier to use a screen.I have found myself to feel frightfully alone among a crowd of people who are looking at their handheld mobile devices while in public places and riding metro buses or subways.Physical diseases can be controlled or cured with medicines. The only cure for hopelessness, despair, and loneliness is human companionship, love, and a hug. Perhaps our modern lives have too many different pieces which are changing too fast for many of us to understand. A wise old owl lived in an oak;The more he saw, the less he spoke;The less he spoke, the more he heard;Why can't we all be like that bird?—Edward Hersey Richards

--Joanne Edwards

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