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The Agents

The Agents takes you to the covert operations and seedy, often brutal, world of international terrorists and their continual threat to the civilized world. Their story is told through the lives and eyes of a seasoned CIA agent, Aaron Brighton, and his beloved partner and former French intelligence agent, Monique Barteau, then later by the youthful team of CIA Agent Justin Graham and British MI6 Agent Victoria Stone. Each chapter is a story within a story that takes the reader from London and Paris to Turkey, Spain, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, the States, the Middle East, and around the world as the agents battle terrorists with their tactics, intelligence, and devotion to each other. It is also a love story. That fragile line that exists between people trying to live and love in a normal relationship while living and working in a dangerous occupation that's hidden behind the cruelty, brutality, and savagery that exists in a hostile and vengeful world.

--Leon Dalton

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