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The Adventurous Spotted Dove

Christopher Spotted Dove is your average run-of-the-mill guy, with a familiar kinship toward animals, magic, and other strange coincidences that have occurred throughout his life. He ventures into the woods and finds himself trapped in an age-old conflict between two warring factions. Seeking help, he is tricked and becomes trapped. Spotted Dove is held prisoner by a group of militant combatants, who he thought were once his friends. While a prisoner, much to his surprise, he is befriended by the strangest of characters he meets along the way. Eventually, he is betrayed by one of these characters. The hunt begins for this traitor, and he realizes that he may never return to his home, and he could be caught in this conflict forever. Using his former military experience, he makes the best of the situation and joins a side in this conflict, managing to become a leader in this outrageous war of creatures, while seeking revenge on those that he once sought out for help and safety.

--C.T. Coffey

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