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The Adventures of Mosby and Bell: Mosby and Bell go to the Lake

This is the story of the adventures of two Labrador retrievers named Mosby and Bell. Mosby is a rust color with a big white "M" on his chest with white paws. Bell is mostly white with light beige ears and a little black dot on her back left hip. Mosby likes to chase birds, howl with the fire truck's sirens, and steal socks. Bell likes to lick everything, chase baseballs, and have her belly rubbed. Both dogs love peanut butter, ice cream, and lying on the front porch, watching over their house and land. They live in a small brown house with their owners Mister and Misses and two boys and one girl.Like many dogs, Mosby and Bell have many adventures that they would like to share with all the children of the world.As you read the stories of Mosby and Bell, you too will fall in love with these two adventurous pups just as Mister and Misses and the two boys and one girl have.Enjoy!

--Travis J. Frantz

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