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The Adventures of Bubba Bear

The Adventures of Bubba Bear tells the story of a playful bear who is always learning and exploring. Through this book, Bubba learns about his five senses as he watches his Mama Bear make breakfast. By tasting, seeing, touching, hearing, and smelling, Bubba begins to understand what senses are and how they work. His Mama and Papa Bear eagerly and playfully show Bubba how he uses his senses without even knowing it!Through the use of repetitive and inventive words, children learn to be expressive. "Yummy-o" is an expression that can be read in a fun fashion, and parents are encouraged to use the repetitive words throughout the days following to help children remember the fun sounds and to encourage them to invent some of their own.The "Good Morning Song" is mentioned in the book and can be downloaded for free by clicking on the author's website, which can be found at in the book is a parents' guide, which gives parents concepts which extend their children's learning and fun activities to help enhance the overall learning process.

--Charre Smith

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