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The Adventures of Billy Gus: I Can Fly!

Billy Gus is an incredibly special little boy. His autism may prevent him from having adventures like the other kids but that doesn't stop him from having fantastic adventures of his own! Together with his best friend, Morris, an old tattered stuffed monkey that never leaves his side, they delve into the limitless world of his imagination! Whether he's a sheriff or a knight, a prince or a pilot, he never seems to run out of fantastical adventures. Yes, Billy Gus is a very special boy indeed with very special adventures!Join Billy Gus and Morris as they fly to distant lands and take on The Stick-'em-up Gang, a prickly bunch of Wild West outlaws that terrorize the local townsfolk. The townsfolk beg for the two strangers' help and elect Billy Gus as their new sheriff and Morris as his trusty deputy. Can they unite the townsfolk before it's too late?

--Tiffiny Mitchell

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