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Teaching A New Direction: A Navigational System for Public School Education

The objective of this book is to establish schools that positively impact all aspects of the total development of students. Beginning with age four or five, most children spend the majority of their conscious hours at school. Many of the evils of our society are perpetrated by people with no vision or purpose, and no respect for other humans. Too many students leave school with no goals and employable skills. Many athletes, who were tutored or given grades to keep them eligible for sports and were discarded when the eligibility expired, ended up with or without a high school diploma or college degree and no skills. A few managed to get into professional sports, but competition, injuries, unenlightened mismanagement of funds, and early retirement left them with no skills.

Young girls frequently became parents with no homemaking skills. These individuals sometimes harbor resentment for former schoolmates who are busily working toward the achievement of their goals and this resentment is frequently manifested by some action.

The aim of this book is to develop schools where students are programmed for future success, beginning in kindergarten. To do this, schools districts must interact with businesses, colleges, corporations, and any other entities where students seek careers in order to establish objectives that guide students toward those careers. Schools should provide experiences where meaningful character traits are developed.

The final expected result will be a new respect for education and a society where the majority of the citizens are goal driven and wish to make a meaningful contribution, and a very few people who just exist. Citizens of a society, who are busy working toward some desirable objectives, are less likely to have time for unlikely and illegal pursuits.

--Artie F. Neeley-Pinson

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