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Taryn and Taffy

In the small town of Sunnyville, California, two German shepherd dogs reside next door to one another. The only thing separating the dogs is a chain-link fence. Taryn is a well-trained dog, but Taffy has not had any training.When the neighborhood children and others walk by the chain-link fence, where the dogs live, Taryn gets a lot of pets from the kids, but Taffy gets no attention because she does not like being on a chain, so she barks at the neighbors.Taffy's owner, Mr. Baldwin, doesn't know exactly what to do about his ill-behaved dog. But a neighbor suggests he take Taffy to the Three Rivers Training Center, which is a well-known facility with a good reputation where dogs and their owners are trained. Mr. Baldwin calls the training center for help and the director, Mrs. Swanson, sets up appointments for him to bring his out of control pet to the center for specific training. She explains that even the most unruly dogs can be trained and learn to behave. She tells Mr. Baldwin that he needs to come to the training sessions with his Taffy.Join Mr. Baldwin as he and Taffy are well-trained and welcomed back home by happy neighbors.

--Jean Ellen Gahner

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