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Survival and American Holiday Chants

Survival and American Holiday chants are designed to help non-English speaking students adapt to their new environment. The chants are a quick and fun way of teaching beginning ESL students practical English that can be used immediately.

They may be used with students of all ages and backgrounds.

All chants are simple and easy to present and reinforce.

Each chant teaches the student ways to respond to questions and make requests in English. Within a short period of time, the student will gain confidence enough to express him/herself orally. The chants are a practical and comprehensive tool for the beginning non-English speaking student.

The Holiday chants included, teach and expose students to celebrated American Holidays in a highly interactive and exciting manner. Important holiday facts are quickly and easily retained.

For the teachers who question where to begin with ESL students, the chants offer them a practical and methodical approach to second language learning.

The chants are fun for both the student and teacher. Most importantly, however, is the easy and practical methods which give the second language learner a quick grasp of his/her new language and the confidence to use it. Follow up worksheets and accompanying picture cards are also included.

There is also an audio CD that accompanies this release. The CD will be available at

--Tommie A. Shider

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