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Stroke: Prevention and Understanding

I was fifty-six when I had the stroke. It was the month of May, and that was the best month in my practice. My stroke was preventable, but I was too busy making money. It was too late to do anything but suffer. After I retired and sold my urgent cares, I decided to write a book on stroke prevention. I read about forty books on stroke and spent three years thinking what to write. I wrote a booklet on stroke prevention. It was well liked but had no pictures. Everybody wanted me to add pictures, so I added pictures. Those are my original pictures. To my surprise, they turned out so good there is nothing in published literature to match with them.The book is written so that it is very easy to read and understand. The pictures are self-explanatory. I think I have produced a masterpiece, and I hope people will benefit from it and prevent strokes. Everybody over age fifty-one should read my book and pay attention to stroke prevention. Nobody is immune to stroke.

--Majid Qureshi, MD

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