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Advance Praise for Strike

Harris is a thirty-year food industry veteran and parlays that extensive experience into this nasty and vitriolic family food fight trilogy, which ends with a satisfying turn of events and a fitting coda to a unique and impressively written series--arousing, appealingly melodramatic conclusion to the Galetti family food wars.

--Kirkus Reviews

The CEO of Food Basket, Russell Riley, is offered the opportunity to purchase Galetti Supermarkets. What could be easier than acquiring a food chain of stores where he was employed for thirty years? What indeed! Start with twenty-five thousand employees from Galetti, going on strike, shutting down a four-billion-dollar business as the lights go out in seventy-two stores. Stir in two murders while the negative financial impact of the strike on the commonwealth brings the governor and the attorney general to Riley, looking for answers.

--Daniel Harris

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