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Strategic Guide to Hydro by Tomorrow: Instructions for MM Patients

This book uniquely gives the reader specific detailed instructions to immediately begin and to be successful at hydroponic indoor medical-marijuana gardening. Including necessary material and equipment lists, set-up and build-out details, information on budgeting both time and money, growth and flower cycle expectations and timing as well as how to make pre and post-harvest volume projections.

The organic, pest-free gardening technique described within is a method that will provide a constant supply of medical-grade marijuana that is quickly customized to a patient's chronic pain with the ability to supply the right quantity and quality needed.

Included is a large amount of commonly available how-to information frequently used by growers today as well as a great deal of how-to information that cannot be found anywhere else that required years of plant development research and experimentation. Weekly plant changes, required weekly gardening tasks, and indoor gardening tools and equipment are described. Information on things only experts know including how to read your plants and many mistakes to avoid are shared. This book has information on how plants are rotated and how to continue running the garden, if desired years into the future and applies to whether the reader is growing for themselves as a patient or growing for others as a caregiver.

In addition, this book won't leave you hanging with wondering what to do once plants mature, ripen and are harvested. Rather, it contains detailed postharvest drying and curing instructions and four different methods of condensing medical marijuana, including Bubble Hash, Butter Heat Trichome Extraction, Dry Ice Powdered Hash, and a Vegetable Glycerine Tincture

Buy this book today and let the author"with his instructions, descriptions and the over 110 reality photographs that show actual indoor-gardening situations"guide you on your way to success.

--Richard Henry

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