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Stay Outta Grown Folks' Business

Stay Outa Grown Folks' Business journeys with Eva "Baby Girl" Solomon from her humble beginnings during the post–World War II era in Pinecrest, a small town in Mississippi, to a cell in a Northern California Women's Correctional Facility in the eighties and all others places lived in between as she reconciles her past with her present. Triggered by "you never had a childhood," Eva Solomon, as an experienced black woman with years and scars on her spirit, begins a quest to discover the motive behind the remark. Intelligent, talented, and popular, Eva is a fast learner surrounded by colorful characters, but answers to difficult questions don't come easy. "Who are my people? Who is my daddy? When did I become grown?" With great sensitivity, Stay Outa Grown Folks' Business tells a compelling story of a young child once called "Baby Girl" becoming a woman named Eva while navigating through dark spaces and places known all too well to women often struggling just to survive. Eva finds illumination encountering life's myriad of highs and lows and ultimately seizes the power of her own voice to speak her "truth." On the journey, Eva reclaims love and laughter and proclaims new life and traveling with her the reader will too…

--T. Linn Hill

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