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Sport; Is the Backbone to Business

Andrew Buys, the author takes you deep into how he was brought up, from the age of three years old, to his seventy-fifth year. How his environment, his family up

brining, his circle of friends, how sports developed his mind, despite his small structure, he was awarded state colors for soccer, and then became a National Motor

Sport Champion of his country. The size of the man never once entered his mind, playing rugby elevated him to be selected to his high-schools first rugby team, and

at that time, Andrew was five feet four inches tall, and one hundred and thirty two pounds. Not one member of his team or others were under 250 pounds in weight.

This sports background, and his common sense family surroundings, set him up to climb the business ladder one step at a time.

This book is a good read for businessmen, Mr. Average sportsman and everyone else.

Robert. M. Santa Barbara

--Andrew Buys

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