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Splendid South Africa and Swaziland

When our good friends, a doctor couple from Australia, asked us to go with them to South Africa, I wasn't sure I wanted to go. I've traveled quite a bit in my seven decades, but I'd never considered going anywhere in Africa. I knew I would not care to take one of the guided tours offered in travel brochures—although I'm sure they do a good job, offering animal safaris, and sights of big city Johannesburg. I would want to see the country while traveling among fewer people and to take a little more time than a week or two.

Our month drive in South Africa's winter, the month of August, was the perfect time to go and the perfect length of time to see so much of the wonderful people and animals. I took notes as the four of us drove around the central part of the country, from Johannesburg airport to Mabula, Bela-Bela, and then to Kruger Park in a rental car, then on to spend a day in Swaziland.

Upon our return home, my wife worked together with her notes with mine, and we realized we have a unique travel experience unlike any other that we had taken to Europe, Mexico, or Canada. The world is getting smaller all the time since it is possible for ordinary people to interact with people all around the globe. As we talked with many Africans, both black and white, we realize people are the same the world over. Most people want peace and to enjoy their lives. We want to take care of our children and leave a beautiful world to them—a world that we have thoroughly enjoyed.

--Ernie Nylander

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