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Sons and Cadillacs: An Unplanned Journey Through Single Fatherhood

Going through a family breakup with children is a tremendous event in itself. Sons and Cadillacs is a heartwarming story about a father who had no idea how to manage through such a change let alone be a successful single parent. Prioritizing being a great dad and relying on a wonderful family, the best of friends, and two beautiful children, he was not only able to progress but endure. Finding joy with the people around him and a feeling of pride and success with his Cadillac, a favorite material possession and cultural icon for him, he managed the difficult change and started a new life. The story shows how failure in marriage is not a failure in parenting or life, just a new direction requiring an ongoing journey--one that is much easier when managed without anger or tumult. Once realized, the path to enlightenment progresses.Sons and Cadillacs takes the reader through the events of a new life and also the events that led to there. With real-life examples based on successes and temporary failures that include both warm and comical anecdotes, great lessons can be learned that will translate to anyone experiencing such an event. Through this journey, these elements are shared with the purpose of not only entertainment but to attach the audience to personal growth. A must-read for anyone going through a family breakup, especially with children, this book shows how we can manage through it while ensuring everyone turns out just fine and wonderful in the end. Happiness is not just a destination; it is also an important state of mind--one we all deserve.

--Vinny Ferranello

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