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Snapshots and Footnotes: A Collection of essays, thoughts and words to bring peace and calm and sweet memory

Cheryl Trench is a national treasure tucked within the pages of a small town paper. Her near half century of musings and missives are witty, insightful, and informative. "Snapshots and Footnotes" promises to be a delectable treat for regular, as well as first-time, readers. —Gordon Pruett, Publisher, Crossfire Press

I've been reading Cheryl's column since the mid-1970s and I've had the privilege of being her editor off and on over the past 30-plus years. Her work has helped me learn how to connect a writer's pen to a reader's heart. "Snapshots and Footnotes" not only contains some of her best writing through the years, it will be a reminder of the best in all of us. —Bill Swinford, Swinford Publications

There are few communities that have the fortune to have a writer in their midst who captures not only the history but the meaning of being in her community. Cheryl Trench is an insightful writer whose subjects center on people in her native southern Illinois, and also the spirit that they have. Each column embraces the energy of the people about whom she writes. This collection should make every reader seek a voice that expresses the meaning of their own communities. —James Ballowe, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Bradley University

--Cheryl Ranchino Trench

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