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BlurbLove covers a multitude of sins, but does love conquer all? Six delves to answer that question as it tells the story of Alex Williams, a young, exceedingly smart, and timid high school student. With a father who's in and out, a mother who is overworked, and a sister who's mentally exiled from her surroundings, Alex has been made to feel like an outcast all his life. Things soon change when Alex is tasked with a summer project from school that has him going out into his community for service work. Doing good things in your community often gets you praise, but when the praise starts going above you to forces and beings you don't understand, that's when you get more than you bargained for. While facing the harsh reality of being a kid in an adult situation, Alex will hastily transition from the shadows to the center of his town's attention in this fictional thriller. Has the preparation of dealing with his less-than-functional family given him the skills he will need to get his life together before he succumbs to it? Or will he be forced to turn his back on the most precious gift he has in order to save himself?

--Charles Howard

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